Kaleb Nation is an author, TV personality, and entrepreneur. Widely recognized as a leading voice in new media production and marketing, Kaleb and his projects have been featured by Entertainment Weekly, CNN, HLN, Mashable, The Daily Dot, TIME, The Huffington Post, NPR, and more. His videos and websites have been viewed over 100,000,000 times. He appeared in a national TV commercial for Taco Bell in 2014 and is a frequent guest on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call.

Kaleb was born in 1988 in Orange, Texas – a small town mostly known by outsiders for its infamous Chemical Row. Through many childhood relocations, Kaleb worked as a chocolate seller, a website designer, a photographer, a blogger, and a goat herder, among others. He spent many of his teenage years on a farm building pig fences until a series of fortunate accidents paved the way for a career in Hollywood.

At 13, Kaleb answered an advertisement for a radio hosting job to see which of his parents would be the first to say no. After receiving unexpected support from both his parents and the station manager, Kaleb suddenly became the host of a weekly radio show in Austin, Texas – the youngest on air at the time. By age 17 and under the name Kaleb Krew, his show The Top 5 was broadcast nationally in over 20 states and countries, with few of his affiliates realizing he was a teenager recording the episodes in his bedroom.


Kaleb’s first story – penned at age 9 – featured the heroic and egotistical King Kaleb on a submarine journey under the North Pole. At 12, Kaleb phoned the editor of a major publisher to pitch a book idea but was sent to talk to security instead. Unhindered, he continued to write as a teenager and completed his first novel in 2003. Six years and many rewrites later, it was published in multiple languages as his 2009 debut novel The Farfield Curse. Its sequel, The Specter Key, was published on 10/10/10. One of his publishers is the same company that rejected his call years before.

Kaleb is also the author of 2013’s Harken, the first in a supernatural thriller series for young adults called “whip-smart, charming, and irresistible” by New York Times bestselling author Lauren DeStefano.

About Kaleb Nation: Kaleb Has appeared on many TV shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live, AXS, and more

Kaleb Nation With Harken 2013

In 2008, Kaleb left radio to focus on writing and Internet media. Unintentionally, he became the face of TwilightGuy.com – a blog originally intended as a resource for his male friends to follow his study of The Twilight Saga, a popular series of vampire romance novels and films. Within days of its launch, Kaleb’s blog received a flurry of media attention and became one of the most popular (and hated) Twilight websites in the world. The website went on to receive over 8 million hits and was widely highlighted in the media, including features by Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Businessweek, and several documentaries. Kaleb was invited to the red carpet premieres of The Twilight Saga films – his first visit to Hollywood – to interview the cast and bestselling author Stephenie Meyer, who says TwilightGuy.com “…made me laugh buckets.”

Having experienced the powerful opportunities offered by new media, Kaleb turned his attention to producing digital content full-time. As a hub for his growing audience of followers, he began producing video blogs at YouTube.com/KalebNation. After nearly 600 videos, he partnered with media leader PMC to produce The 60SR Show in 2012, which received over 12,000,000 views.

In 2013, Kaleb launched Kaleb Media: a creative marketing agency specializing in social media advertising and viral content. As a speaker and consultant, Kaleb has organized marketing strategies for many major companies worldwide.

In his free time, Kaleb enjoys photography and posting updates to Twitter.com/KalebNation. He lives in California with a chinchilla named Chilla and a puppy named Selfie. In 2014, he proposed to fellow Internet creator bfftaylor on stage at a YouTube convention. Kaleb Nation is his real name.

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