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In the beginning of writing The Farfield Curse, I had a particularly hard time connecting with Bran. This, obviously, was not a good predicament, as the main character should usually be the one the author connects with the most.

I later realized that the reason for this was because I was suppressing who he really was, in favor of who I wanted him to be. When I came to this conclusion, all of a sudden Bran seemed to explode off the page in front of me with all these new facets to his character: one of these, which followed automatically, was his penchant for drawing. I discovered that Bran was actually more like me than any other character in the book – just as I connected with my writing, so also did Bran connect with his drawing. This small piece of Bran’s life, that has nothing to do with magic, is an enormous part of who he is.

In a way, this song seems to represent for me the wall in Bran’s room that is covered with drawings, and all the stories that are connected to each piece of paper.

The Wall of Drawings December 2008
ALBUM: Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse [Official Soundtrack]
ARTIST: Kaleb Nation
STYLE: Classical/Soundtrack
LENGTH: 2:39

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