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For those of you who haven’t been following every slight movement of my book on (as I certainly have 😀 ), I am very pleased to inform you that BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE went all the way up to #350 on the book rankings (#89 in the 9-12 age group)! This happened a mere four hours after I put my Youtube video up about it, causing the absolute best fans and readers in the entire world to go pre-order the book in a huge rush. Seriously, I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this before (as you can probably tell by my reaction when the number got that high!).

The biggest and most awesome thing about this is that my publishers haven’t even begun: in fact, I’m not even listed as their author on the Sourcebooks website! So, if the book is getting this much exposure this early on, with hardly any promotion at all, it is dizzying to imagine what might happen when things really get rolling.

There’s even more awesome stuff still in development that we’ll be pushing out in the next few months. This week, I just completed a page for In the future, this will be a full website of its own for the fans. At the moment, you can download awesome Bran Hambric wallpapers, three of the songs from the soundtrack, buttons, images — if you see the page, it really is stuffed! But the best part in my opinion are the widgets:

That’s one of them, like a mini Bran Hambric website for your page, and you have probably seen the other tall one in the sidebar. Right now there are three awesome ones to choose from, so if you run a blog or have a website, you can help spread the word about the book! Visit to check them out.

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve totally transformed my site into Bran Hambric territory, as well as my Youtube channel (you’ll only see this really if you’ve got a widescreen monitor). How’s it look?


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