D. J. MacHale: “The Farfield Curse brims with mystery, magic and fun.”

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DJ MacHale

DJ MacHale

As we get closer to the 9-9-09 release of BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE, news surrounding the book just seems to keep getting bigger! Already with two wonderful blurbs from authors Kim Harrison and Kaza Kingsley, we now have one more to add: this time, from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pendragon series, D. J. MacHale!

The Farfield Curse brims with mystery, magic and fun. Kaleb Nation’s wry sense of humor kept me smiling, even while the mystical sparks flew. Get ready for lots of surprises and watch out for gnomes!

D. J. MacHale, Author of The Pendragon Series

D. J. , who not only wrote the enormously popular Pendragon series, is also a well-known television director, who happened to have worked on the show pilot for Ghostwriter, which was my absolute favorite growing up. Who would have thought that he would eventually write a blurb for my own novel?

You can find out more about D. J. MacHale’s books at his website, and more about The Farfield Curse at www.BranHambric.com (where you can read the first four chapters for free). And a huge thank-you to D. J. MacHale for the wonderful review!


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