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More Awesome Nationeers!

150 150 Kaleb Nation

Drawing by @TwiArtist_17

Yay for Nationeers from around the world! It’s always fun to get stuff from awesome people 😀

I want to change my video background so I can hang all these Nationeer photos and drawings behind me in the videos. Then when people send me stuff they can see it in my vlogs!

More photos and cool Nationeer stuff is on the Fans page. If you got a Nationeer shirt or have a drawing, email a photo and I’ll post it!


150 150 Kaleb Nation

A whole boatload of NATIONEER shirts have finally been delivered all around the world! Check out all these awesome Nationeers with their gear:

If you have a photo or video of you in your Nationeer shirt, email it in to [email protected] and you could be featured on the site or in a vlog!

You can get the shirts on the Shirts page 😀