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In Teen Now Magazine

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Just got sent this from @KrisbianH on Twitter from UK magazine Teen Now.

It’s funny seeing both pictures in a real magazine. The one of me with the book was actually taken as a joke a few months before I even started, and I just decided to use it on the site. It was taken with my tiny, cheap Kodak easy camera, and has been popping up in magazines all over the world for the past two years (it’s probably the cheapest photo to ever be in a real magazine!). And the other one on the left is my new author photo 😀

More Awesome Nationeers!

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Drawing by @TwiArtist_17

Yay for Nationeers from around the world! It’s always fun to get stuff from awesome people 😀

I want to change my video background so I can hang all these Nationeer photos and drawings behind me in the videos. Then when people send me stuff they can see it in my vlogs!

More photos and cool Nationeer stuff is on the Fans page. If you got a Nationeer shirt or have a drawing, email a photo and I’ll post it!

Say Hello To Chilla

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Say hello to the newest Nation: Chilla.

She’s only a few months old. She’s been bouncing around in her little house all day. Even now, 48 minutes after midnight. It’s a good thing I was convinced to put her house in some place other than my bedroom, or else I’d never sleep.

I got that macro lens for my camera I was talking about. Guess which chinchilla is about to be YouTube famous? 😀

Photo Trip To Los Angeles And Santa Monica!

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Here are some photos I took around Los Angeles and Santa Monica today. It had rained a bit but thankfully all the water made great reflections everywhere. I started at one spot in LA and then made my way down to the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach:

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A whole boatload of NATIONEER shirts have finally been delivered all around the world! Check out all these awesome Nationeers with their gear:

If you have a photo or video of you in your Nationeer shirt, email it in to [email protected] and you could be featured on the site or in a vlog!

You can get the shirts on the Shirts page 😀


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FINALLY: the NATIONEERS shirts have arrived! I’ve had these designed for a week now, but I wanted to order them myself before I opened the shop, to make sure they were good quality. And as you can see, they turned out amazing!

You can order these and many others, including a Bran Hambric logo or emblem shirt, at

In a few days, I’ll be making a video showing the shirts. Keep an eye out for that, because there’ll be prizes 😀

IF YOU BUY A SHIRT and want your photo possibly featured on my site or in my videos, send pictures to [email protected].

ABOUT THE SHIRTS: one of the important reasons I ordered these shirts first is because I wanted to see what type of cloth it was actually printed on. Sometimes, with these print shops, they’ll use cheap shirts that are really thin and unwearable. HOWEVER: these shirts are VERY high quality. They aren’t like the thin undershirt you might get other places: they’re comfortable enough to be worn for pretty much anything. I’m wearing one now (yes, it is weird looking down and seeing my own face).

Nationeers T-SHIRTS!

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So people have been asking for NATIONEERS shirts for a while now, and after many months of procrastination*, I’m finally getting some of the designs set up!

The ones you see here are the preliminary designs, so think of them as a ‘first draft’ of Nationeers shirts. There will be a lot of other designs when the store officially launches, hopefully within a month**, with more added every so often. When launches, there will also be Chilla shirts too. I’ll upload more design photos as they come in 😀

What do you people think of the shirts so far?

ADDED 2/4 : Here are two more designs that will also be available:

I just sent in an order for these, as well as two special Bran Hambric designs and a few other colors. Once I get them and see that they’re all great I’ll open the shop (and, give some away as prizes)!

* The reason it’s taken me so long to get the shirts set up is because most shirt printers are ridiculously overpriced, and the ones that have good prices destroy the quality. I FINALLY managed to find a place that’ll do these for the cheap + cool colorz!
** I’m delaying the launch because I want to order these shirts myself first to make sure they turn out fantasticablez

Bran Hambric: The Sofa King LEAKED!!!

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I can’t believe the Bran Hambric 2 title was leaked a mere 9 hours before we were going to release it. And in a subway station, no less.

(OKAY the real title of BRAN HAMBRIC: TSK will be announced this evening 😀 . I’m doing a BlogTV show tonight as well, so watch my Twitter for what time. Can’t wait for the big reveal!)

My First Book Signing At Book Expo America 2009 [Video]

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Book Expo America 2009 was a BLAST! It is quite an amazing thing to go into an airplane-hangar-sized conference hall, and be surrounded by others from your own world of writing and publishing. I met countless authors and got a stack of books (including an advance copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, a signed copy of the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, and loads more).

My book signing for The Farfield Curse started at 11:00 AM, and there was already a short line formed. Once the time hit, people began to come from everywhere, and the signing didn’t really stop! There were so many people, we actually ran out of books, so that by the time the signing was over I simply couldn’t sign any more because there were none left to hand out. Hopefully this is a good sign for how it will do in stores 😀

I was interviewed for Borders Media by the one and only Pel from the Twilight Lexicon. It was a bit odd since it was my first film interview, and I had never been in a studio set up like it. There were five cameras, all set up at different angles, and they wired me up with a microphone and had lighting hanging all around. I also had to get film makeup put on — a first for me, and a bit itchy (it had to be explained to me that you actually have to wash it off afterward, ha ha). After BEA we headed over to Books Of Wonder, where I saw Tiger Beat play. Tiger Beat is a rock band entirely made of YA authors, with my editor Daniel Ehrenhaft on lead guitar and Libba Bray doing vocals. YES they were very good.

Even more exciting was the nearly-half-page article about me, and my Twitter/Youtube stuff in Publishers Weekly. As with the opening of pre-orders and the signing of Brandon Dorman, publishers generally tell their authors nothing until after we’ve read about it in the papers: I learned via the article that Bran Hambric will have front-of-store placement at Borders bookstore and a 75,000 copy first printing! There are no extra zeroes in that number. It was easily 4 times what I was expecting!

Here are some photos from the event (special thanks to my friend Becka for taking them!)

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Gnomes In The Home

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As part of school finals for my Digital Photography and Design class, I am required to present a twenty-photo body of work to show off the skills I’ve learned this semester. Never one to veer far from the predictable, I chose Gnomes In The Home as my subject:

To get these exactly right, I had to take nearly 300 photographs, and pick the best ones for the project. Anyone who has read the preview chapters of my book will catch tiny inside jokes mingled in with the photos. Special thanks to those fans who have mailed me gnomes over the past few months. They look quite nice staring back at me from my bookshelf!