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California and Red Bull Give Me WINGS! [Video]

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As most of you probably know, I’m moving to California this week! It’s taken a lot of Red Bull to keep me going 😀

For the curious, I am moving right outside Los Angeles. I’ll have more videos and updates from the move as it goes along (and plenty of photos on my Twitter!).

Due to the move, my mailing address has been changed to the one provided by my publishers. It is:

Kaleb Nation
C/O Sourcebooks Inc.
PO Box 4410
Naperville, IL  60567-4410

Because it has to be forwarded to me, keep in mind that it could take a while before I get to read it (this is perhaps the part of the post where I mention that things that melt, i.e chocolates, chocolate gnomes, candles, icicles, etc… probably shouldn’t be mailed!). I am heading to my PO Box here in Texas one last time today before I close it, so if you sent something in the past two weeks, I’ll still get it 😀

“Four Months” [Music]

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I wrote and recorded this song in 2009. You can download it for free at this link.

Reading Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse [Prologue]

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During my live BlogTV show yesterday, I read the prologue of my novel Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse to about 300 people. It was great because even though I was reading a book on a video show, I actually gained about 30 viewers by the end! Luckily, I was able to record this part of the show, for anyone who wasn’t able to make it. Hope you enjoy!

In this video I am reading from the ARC version of the book, which means it will be a little bit different when it is in stores on 9/9/09. If you’re looking to download preview chapters of the book (the four following the prologue!), head over to this page and you can read the first few chapters for free.

You can also download one of the two songs in the background of this video, titled “The Grave Of Emry Hambric”, at

10,000 Is An Epic Number!

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I just passed 10,000 followers on my Twitter, and to celebrate I’m doing a live show tonight (July 18) at


Watch the video for info! Thanks to all my loyal followers at

More Great Stuff From BranFans!

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branfansNow that I’ve finally slithered out of bed (after recuperating from jetlag thanks to hitting both US coasts in the same week!) I’ve been delightfully surprised to discover a whole wave of great new stuff from the BranFans! It has been a thrill seeing all the wonderful people already involved in the Bran Hambric fandom — with still just under 100 days left before the full book is even out!

For starters, check out this song from the wonderfully talented Adrienne Frailey, who wrote it as a tribute to Bran Hambric and recently recorded it between studio sessions for her upcoming album:

Not only that, but a ton of BranFans have been using music from the soundtrack in their own YouTube video creations! Here is one by HideTheMushrooms on YouTube that uses my song The Box In The Bookstore (which you can download for free) to make a music video interpretation of the song (I like how since no one has read up to the actual box-in-the-bookstore scene in the preview chapters, the video makers invented their own ending 😀 ):

I’ve been using Google recently to help keep up with the Bran buzz, and I’ve spotted a whole assortment of really cool startup fansites for the book: like the, BranHambricFansite, BranHambricByKN, TeamBranFans on YouTube (complete with another original song by Ethan, inspired by The Farfield Curse!), and a couple Bran Hambric and Kaleb Nation fan pages on Facebook. I’m amazed at how much all of these sites (and any I might have missed!) are doing to help spread the word about Bran Hambric!

And as for all the music: I’m so happy that there are already so many songs inspired by the book, when all anyone has read so far is the preview chapters! If you missed it, the Twilight-inspired band Bella Rocks! also has a song called “Emry’s Farewell” based on the prologue of the book. As an author, who created these characters and names and places, it feels wonderful seeing others find creative ways to take on my world.

A lot of the art that is used in these videos and websites is available for free from, including special computer wallpapers, buttons and widgets. Plus, at, you can now download four of the songs from the Bran Hambric soundtrack (and listen to nearly all of the others!). Kudos to all the great people for using their talents to make all this cool stuff 😀

FOR THE COMMENTS: What do you think of all the great Bran Hambric music and sites that are appearing?

My First Book Signing At Book Expo America 2009 [Video]

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Book Expo America 2009 was a BLAST! It is quite an amazing thing to go into an airplane-hangar-sized conference hall, and be surrounded by others from your own world of writing and publishing. I met countless authors and got a stack of books (including an advance copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, a signed copy of the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, and loads more).

My book signing for The Farfield Curse started at 11:00 AM, and there was already a short line formed. Once the time hit, people began to come from everywhere, and the signing didn’t really stop! There were so many people, we actually ran out of books, so that by the time the signing was over I simply couldn’t sign any more because there were none left to hand out. Hopefully this is a good sign for how it will do in stores 😀

I was interviewed for Borders Media by the one and only Pel from the Twilight Lexicon. It was a bit odd since it was my first film interview, and I had never been in a studio set up like it. There were five cameras, all set up at different angles, and they wired me up with a microphone and had lighting hanging all around. I also had to get film makeup put on — a first for me, and a bit itchy (it had to be explained to me that you actually have to wash it off afterward, ha ha). After BEA we headed over to Books Of Wonder, where I saw Tiger Beat play. Tiger Beat is a rock band entirely made of YA authors, with my editor Daniel Ehrenhaft on lead guitar and Libba Bray doing vocals. YES they were very good.

Even more exciting was the nearly-half-page article about me, and my Twitter/Youtube stuff in Publishers Weekly. As with the opening of pre-orders and the signing of Brandon Dorman, publishers generally tell their authors nothing until after we’ve read about it in the papers: I learned via the article that Bran Hambric will have front-of-store placement at Borders bookstore and a 75,000 copy first printing! There are no extra zeroes in that number. It was easily 4 times what I was expecting!

Here are some photos from the event (special thanks to my friend Becka for taking them!)

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ARC’s For Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse!

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As you can see, the Advance Reader Copies of BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE have finally arrived! Here’s video of me opening the box from my publishers and going a bit nutty when I hold my book for the first time 😀

This moment was truly one of the biggest in my life: getting to hold this book was somewhat symbolic of six years of work on this story and the characters. Of course I’m thrilled to finally be able to see it in print: and very soon, it will be in bookstores all across the country (in hardcover, of course!).

These ARCs and those my publisher still have will now be sent out to key media people and reviewers who will help to promote the book before it comes out. There will also be many ARCs available at Book Expo America coming up at the end of next week, where I will have my first book signing! I’ll make sure there’s plenty of video of that for those of you who can’t make it 😀

If you’d like, you can download the first five chapters of the book completely free at, as well as pre-order it from nearly any bookstore!

Five Questions For Famous People [Video]

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Just a fun vlog I did today. I really do wonder if people actually send checks through the mail with those six zero’s 😀

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Bella Rocks! Writes Song Inspired By Bran Hambric

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Here’s something an awesome BranFan just uploaded to YouTube! Bella Rocks!, a Twilight-inspired band, has released a brand-new song — but this time, it is inspired by my own book, Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse:

branfans-logo-smallThis is just another example of how wonderful the Twilight fandom has been to me, when barely over a year ago I was a complete outsider who knew nothing about the books! Words just cannot express how it feels to see someone so inspired by my writing that they create works of their own based on it. Even more so, as the book isn’t even OUT yet for another FOUR months, the song is based entirely on what happens in the first four preview chapters! Please go send some love Katie’s way and check out her awesome Twilight music.

Katie will be appearing at Summer School In Forks on June 25 – 28 (I will also be there to deliver my Keynote Address). Be sure to check out the event if you want to see her live!

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: What do you think of Katie’s song (if you’ve read the preview, do you think it fits well with the prologue?). Also, what should we call this genre of music: gnome rock? A Bran Band? 😀