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End of the Year 2007

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Tis the end of 2007, a time which brings about so many new things and ends so many old ones.

It is the last week of the year, and also my last week of living at home. Friday is move-in date at the new apartment, so everything is to be packed and in the truck Thursday evening. We shall drive for five hours to the destination, unload and look around a bit: and then my family will climb back into the trusty white Suburban and drive back home without me.

I’m leaving a huge shelf of nearly a hundred CD’s behind- most of them albums from when I was 13 or 14 that I still have from my old show. I’m leaving that and my old stereo from when I was 13, along with gobs of junk; but I’m taking my big writing desk with me, even if I have to stuff it into my new room. That desk has been with me through three houses, my first novel, my old stories and two radio shows. It stays with me now into whatever is meant to come my way in the year 2008.

This next year is predicted to be one of the biggest of my life so far, since it almost seems that all I have done over the past few years has lined me up for 2008- everything is ready to burst now, and the preparations are all ready to launch. It feels very strange to write those words and realize that by December 31 of 2008 I will come back to this page and perhaps nod wistfully, and remember so many things I did not know today would happen in the next year. It is also interesting to look back on December of 2006, and realize how many enormous things I had absolutely no clue would happen in 2007 awaited. From my blog back then:

Everybody says 16 is the best but it wasn’t for me- I had chicken pox on my birthday, and it went downhill from there. 17 though was the best year so far, up next to 15, which was also one of my favorite times… so any brainless scarecrow can see some sort of a pattern to this. Every other year is good, every year in between isn’t as good. 15, 17 good…14, 16, 18 not as good. Whether it’s linked to the year, or to my age, I don’t know yet. This gives me an amazing amount of hope as the Good Year is coming up when I turn 19. So who knows what’s gonna happen?

Luckily, big things happened for me at 18 which partially disprove my theory: and now I am 19 and back on track. I have a whirlwind week ahead of me, and my next post will probably be the first one of 2008 and the first one in my new apartment. So many new things all at once. And luckily, it is to be a Good Year.

And thus we pass from 2007 into the great and unknown 2008.