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Astara [Music]

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I wrote this song back in January but for some reason, the original version didn’t seem to work. I knew there was a song in it, and I knew the song was for Astara, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get it to sound right. It took me a full four months of on-and-off rewriting the pieces, but I think the final song is worth all the time it took.

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As it says in the video, Astara entered into the book as a recycled character from an older story I wrote when I was 12. She was one of those characters I couldn’t let go, so I put her in The Farfield Curse, and it was as if she had been meant for it all the time. For those who were hoping for just a little bit about Astara, here’s the very first part of the book where Bran meets her:

[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”Click here to show”]

Bran pressed back, expecting the person to see him in an instant and shout. The sudden lamplight, though dim, was nearly blinding, so he had to blink to see who had opened the door.
He could just barely make out what she looked like in the soft light behind her: she seemed to be around his age, dressed in ragged, dark clothes. Her hair was a few inches past her shoulders, dark blond and brown, and on her right arm was a thick strip of black cloth, wrapped around her wrist. Bran blinked again as her eyes swept the room, unable to speak because he was sure she would shout for the shopkeeper at any moment.
But something was not right. Her eyes swept straight across him, as if he wasn’t even there, down to the two books he had left dropped on the floor. She didn’t move from the doorway, staring at them curiously, and then to the box that Bran had left crooked.


You don’t really meet Astara in the preview chapters of the book, so it is probably cruel for me to say that she is one of my favorite characters when the majority of you will have to wait until September 9 (only 123 days as of now!) to find out who she even is 😀 . But hopefully her song will help reveal some clues about her.

Question For The Comments: What do you think of the new song?