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Gnomes In The Home

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As part of school finals for my Digital Photography and Design class, I am required to present a twenty-photo body of work to show off the skills I’ve learned this semester. Never one to veer far from the predictable, I chose Gnomes In The Home as my subject:

To get these exactly right, I had to take nearly 300 photographs, and pick the best ones for the project. Anyone who has read the preview chapters of my book will catch tiny inside jokes mingled in with the photos. Special thanks to those fans who have mailed me gnomes over the past few months. They look quite nice staring back at me from my bookshelf!

First Art from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

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I am very pleased to present the first piece of completed artwork from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse:


Gnome by Brandon Dorman; the note courtesy of Photoshop 😀

As almost anyone can probably tell, this is a gnome. In fact, it is exactly the way I imagine the gnomes in my world, realized perfectly by illustrative genius Brandon Dorman. This gnome’s got the face, the beard, the eyes: even the perfectly pointed, red conical hat!

While this gnome will most likely not appear on the cover of the book (in fact, I’m fairly certain it won’t) it could be anywhere else, like on the back or the spine, or maybe even inside. Again, this is NOT THE COVER OF THE BOOK, but it’s a wonderful piece of spot art nonetheless!

And as for other big things happening…I think everyone might want to check out right about now 😀

Question for the comments: What do you think of the gnome art from Brandon Dorman?

Bran Hambric Art…Coming Soon

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Finally, the first piece of official art from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse has come in from illustrative genius Brandon Dorman! This is NOT the cover, although that is coming very soon (I’ve already seen the drafts, and it is awesome!). But, as anyone who has read the preview chapters has probably already guessed, the Thing That Will Be Revealed On April 11 is quite important 😀