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10 Things I Learned At Home

150 150 Kaleb Nation
  1. If you get a tattoo in college, you’re out of the inheritance.
  2. A five year old can make a song out of anything (aka: beans and stinky rice! beans and spice! stinky kinky winky dinky you’re weird stinky! )
  3. Don’t take too much colloidal silver.
  4. Good pencils are hard to find.
  5. Dad can’t give permission for food or computer time.
  6. The piano is an instrument of angels and an instrument of torture simultaneously.
  7. Same goes for the violin.
  8. Winter gardens don’t work.
  9. If you want peace and quiet within the next two hours, don’t mention any of the following around my sister: Scarlet O’hara, Gone With The Wind, cats, or the Nancy Drew movie.
  10. Beans and rice are a complete protein.

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