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Writing In Seasons

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“Why I Don’t Write All Year Like A Normal Author”

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My First TV Interview!

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I just did my FIRST LIVE TV interview! AXS invited me on their daily show AXS Live to talk about my videos, the fandoms I like, and my YA conspiracy novel HARKEN. Watch a video clip from my interview. My hands weren’t shaking at all this time! And my hair certainly wasn’t shaking either thanks to the gallons of hairspray. Buy HARKEN on Amazon for $0.99

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Talk With Me on Washington Post

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Quick update! I have a talk scheduled with two other bloggers on the Washington Post website, on August 1 at 1:00 PM, US Eastern Time. I will be doing it live and also answering questions that are submitted early. The focus of the interview will be Twilight, the upcoming Twilight film, and my other blog, You can find more info about it here or submit questions to me early at this link. On other news, I will have my Famous Author Interview up here…

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