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I’m The Guy In The “Princess Charming” Music Video By Megan And Liz

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A few weeks ago, I went to a filming in Laguna Beach, CA, for a music video shoot with the amazing singing duo Megan And Liz!

It was rainy and extremely dreary all day but that actually turned out to be awesome, since I was playing the part of the somewhat-love-interest having a somewhat-terrible-day. This shoot was loads of fun (when is hanging out with a bunch of Youtubers in Orange County NOT fun??).

And you have no idea how many takes we did to get that garbage bag to tear right. Also they actually had to let the air out of the director’s tires to get that shot, which he was NOT HAPPY ABOUT.

Coincidentally, I just heard Megan and Liz on the radio for the first time this morning: I guess from now on I’ll be known as “the guy in that Princess Charming music video”. Hope you enjoy it 🙂