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I Survive A TORNADO!!! [10/30/09 – 1]

150 150 Kaleb Nation

Being a native Texan, I have survived many a tornado, most of which weren’t dangerous at all but really just excuses for all the kids to hide in the closet and camp out while it rained outside. I think this is a big reason that bad weather doesn’t ever really scare me 😀

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150 150 Kaleb Nation

Thank you all for your wonderful messages on my birthday yesterday. The day went perfectly and my mom’s cheesecake was wonderful. I got calls from my friends and family and my brother Jaden got me a shirt that says ‘Celebrity’ on the front.

As usual, my life should follow a pattern, so that since fifteen went very well, and sixteen might have been less-than-desirable, and seventeen went very well, etc, following the pattern 19 should be one of the really good years. Now all I’ve got to do is take on the immense task of changing my age on all my different websites…

If I have time this week, I have a new Izzy video for Youtube and I’ll try to get some birthday photos up.