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The Farfield Curse

Pre-orders for ‘The Farfield Curse’ Have Officially Begun

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People. Seriously. You are too good to me.

I don’t know what kind soul was linking to the Amazon listing, but I’m told it went all the way past #5000, which is unheardof for an unknown, gnat-sized writer such as myself. Most of my friends tell me they started out in the 1 millions. This is entirely thanks to you devoted people who actually found it and started ordering before I even had the chance to pass it around! So thank you for kicking this off so perfectly — it gives me the confidence I really need as we get into the hard work of promoting it 🙂

If you’d like to pre-order, head on over to (Borders, B&N and others will be forthcoming as soon as they have it on their sites). As I said in the video, how can you possibly buy a book without sampling it first? So check out the preview chapters if you haven’t already. And, my sincere thanks to everyone who invests in my dreams early on 🙂

The Grave Of Emry Hambric [Music]

150 150 Kaleb Nation

I know that most of you have not read The Farfield Curse in its entirety yet (as it’s not out until 2009), and even those who have read parts probably do not know well enough about the characters to actually care who Emry Hambric is. I won’t attempt to explain it because I’d really have to write the whole book out for it to be understood, but hopefully my new song will help you imagine the feeling at the end of the first book:


The ending is a mixture of hope and a little sadness, a happy ending but tinged a little, and in a way I feel this song echoes how the first book concludes.

If you like my music or my other songs, I have two that you can download for free on a hidden page at I’ll have more news on the book soundtrack closer to the release in late 2009.

There is some about Emry in the prologue of the book (and a song for the Prologue as well, on the Music page) so I can also email preview chapters of The Farfield Curse if you want to get a better feel of who she is. Email me and I’ll try to get previews out as quick as I can.

This song is a first draft so opinions are welcome!

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