Harken Music

HARKEN is a very musical book. While writing its many drafts, I listened to movie soundtracks and instrumental scores to stay focused (I can’t concentrate on writing when there are lyrics because I get distracted by the words). But on the side, I kept a playlist of songs that have the same “feel” as the book — mysterious, conspiratorial, dangerous.

After HARKEN was released, other artists started to write their own original songs about the book. It’s thrilling when other people read something I created and are inspired to create something new. You can hear some of them (and my playlists) on this page.

Original Songs Inspired By HARKEN

Adrienne Frailey “NEW EYES”

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More music from Jake Hull

HARKEN Book Playlist

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HARKEN Writing Playlist

Some of the songs I listen to while I’m writing aren’t available on Spotify, so here’s the full list:

When Ginny Kissed Harry – Nicholas Hooper

The Letter That Never Came – Thomas Newman

Resilience – Thomas Newman

Nara – E.S. Posthumus

Finale – Andrea Guerra

The End – Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander

The Shawshank Redemption End Titles – City Of Prague Philharmonic

Children Found – Andrea Guerra

The Gravel Road Score – James Newton Howard

503 – Joshua Bell & Hans Zimmer

Reprise (from The Door In The Floor) – Marcelo Zarvos & Peter Vronsky

My Name Is Lincoln – Steve Jablonsky