Four Months


I wrote and recorded Four Months in 2009. I deleted it shortly after. It was written during a different time in my life, and I felt that it belonged to 2009 – better as a happy memory.

In the years that followed, I received hundreds of emails and messages asking about it. I had no idea that so many people could still remember it, more than 10 years later. One person even ripped the audio from YouTube to use in their wedding!

Recently, I realized that my feelings when I wrote this song – and when I deleted it – are now very different. My life is filled with so much happiness that it doesn’t hurt to think about the four months that inspired this song. Now when I listen to it, I only think about all of the people who’ve saved the old MP3 for over a decade, and the happy memories they’ve made while listening to it.

I want you to make more happy memories with Four Months. So I’m reuploading the MP3, and you can download it for free at this link: