– Temporary Downtime

JUNE 29 2022 – has lived on the same server for years, untouched and archived. Suddenly and without warning, Godaddy decided to migrate it to a new server… and deleted all of the files. Just took all of the files out back and shoved them down a woodchipper.

Luckily I have a local backup, so it will be restored soon. But as I was fixing it, an email notification was triggered from an ancient Feedburner, and reminded hundreds of people of That Time 10 Years Ago When They Subscribed To So… welcome to 2008 again!

It’ll be back up soon. This message will self destruct.


P.S. if you are seeing this message, tweet @KalebNation and let me know how your post-Twilight life is going! I have an actual human baby now and we named him Kalesmee!