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For those of you who haven’t already seen it on, I was recently interviewed for a small Feedback section in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. My interview is regarding Twilight for the most part, and my thoughts on the upcoming movie, other fan sites and Stephenie Meyer.

The issue comes out at the same time my 940,000-th hit bounces onto, since I started it in mid-April. I, of course, am extremely thrilled over this as it’s my first major national interview, and even though it’s not exactly about MY book yet, it’s still a wonderful way to start off 😀

Also, whilst taking a drastically-needed break from my book revisions on Wednesday, I happened to go back to my instruments in an effort to distract my aching brain, and before I knew it I had composed an entirely new song. I’ll have it up here as soon as I have some of the mastering done.

NOTE: Remember: the interview should be in the magazine that is released TODAY, NOT the issue DATED JULY 25 (it will be in the issue with the Dark Knight cover, dated August 1). So check the magazine first! The issue might not be available immediately in all areas.  — Kaleb

Kaleb Nation
Kaleb Nation is an author, TV commentator, and entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience in viral media production and content marketing – including over 600 videos and 50,000,000 views – he is a nationally recognized expert on digital culture and social media issues. Kaleb has been featured on CNN, HLN, NPR, ABC, MTV, Mashable, Entertainment Weekly, Good Morning America, and more. Read Kaleb's Story

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