HARKEN Cover Art Is Finally Here!

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HARKEN by Kaleb Nation cover art

The cover for HARKEN is finally here!

I’m so excited about it. It’s exactly the type of cover I wanted for this book: mysterious, iconic, not begging for attention but catching eyes all on its own. When you read HARKEN, you’ll understand just how well this cover fits.

I think fans who’ve been following along these past two years will be ESPECIALLY happy over the design, since a LOT of you have been parodying it without even knowing!

There are plenty of clues to the story in the cover art and I’m sure you’ll be digging around between now and January 13, when you can finally read it. Very soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the first 3 chapters in a free preview, sent to everyone who signs up at ReadHarken.com.

If you want your hands or eyes used in my videos, be sure to send your HARKEN photos in! Just take a photo and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #HARKEN. I usually RT it and some even go on the website and in my videos!

I can’t wait to share HARKEN with you! Get ready, it’ll be here soon.



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