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The 60SR And PMC: Fandom News Gets Its Show

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I’m so excited to announce some news that I’ve had to keep secret for far too long. To summarize: I’ve signed a deal that partners my 60SR show with the major media company PMC, and I’ll now be producing the show full time.

The 60SR has been my project for almost two years now. The show is 60 Seconds of Recaps, Reviews and Rants about the latest in fandom news. It’s been my most successful series to date: partially because it covers exactly what fans want most, and partially because I absolutely love producing them. Since 2008, covering fandom news has kinda been my thing.

You might not have heard the name PMC before but I’m 99% sure you’ve come across something they’ve created. PMC is a world leader in digital media with a portfolio of properties like TVline, Nikki Finke’s Deadline, Hollywood Life, Movieline, and many others, as well as major events like the Young Hollywood Awards, The Style Awards, and the Breakthrough Of The Year Awards. Their websites are seen by millions worldwide and their videos air daily on ION TV.

They recently ventured into YouTube with their YouTube Original’s channel ENTV. When I met with PMC, we were discussing ideas about a show for dedicated fans of things like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, One Direction, Twilight, Justin Bieber, etc. As we went over ideas, I realized what they were looking for… was exactly what I was already doing on my 60SR show!

So we made an offer to produce my show under their company. They said yes!

Everything you like about the 60SR won’t change. I’ll continue to host and produce the show on But with the new support of PMC’s team, the 60SR will be able to bring you even more breaking fandom news, more of my crazy commentary, and even more access to the most buzzed-about Hollywood events — with new episodes 5 days a week, Monday – Friday.

I’m so excited about this opportunity and know that you will love the show. I’ll see you on the next episode!

Kaleb Nation



The 60SR show is a 60 Second Recap, Review and Rant covering the latest entertainment and viral news. The show reports on today’s most-buzzed-about fandoms, like The Hunger Games, One Direction, Glee, Harry Potter, Twilight, Justin Bieber and more. Hosted by Kaleb Nation, 23-year-old author and online personality, the 60SR is the bridge between fans and everything they obsess over.


Kaleb Nation is an author and online personality. His videos and blogs have received over 40 million hits, and he has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, Businessweek, MTV, NPR and more.

Kaleb’s media career began at 13 when he hosted his first radio show, later launching his own nationally syndicated program in 2006. His show grew to be broadcast in over 20 states and countries, with few affiliates realizing he was 17 and recording the shows in his bedroom.

Kaleb is the author of two novels (THE FARFIELD CURSE and THE SPECTER KEY). He recently signed on to star in a reality TV show about his life as a YouTube personality (KALEB’S NATION), produced by Mark Morgan (“THE TWILIGHT SAGA” movies), Kami Garcia (“BEAUTIFUL CREATURES”), and Brett Hudson (“BLACK FOREST”).

He lives in California with his chinchilla, Chilla, and turned 23 in 2011. For more info on Kaleb, visit .


I’m The Guy In The “Princess Charming” Music Video By Megan And Liz

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A few weeks ago, I went to a filming in Laguna Beach, CA, for a music video shoot with the amazing singing duo Megan And Liz!

It was rainy and extremely dreary all day but that actually turned out to be awesome, since I was playing the part of the somewhat-love-interest having a somewhat-terrible-day. This shoot was loads of fun (when is hanging out with a bunch of Youtubers in Orange County NOT fun??).

And you have no idea how many takes we did to get that garbage bag to tear right. Also they actually had to let the air out of the director’s tires to get that shot, which he was NOT HAPPY ABOUT.

Coincidentally, I just heard Megan and Liz on the radio for the first time this morning: I guess from now on I’ll be known as “the guy in that Princess Charming music video”. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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I’m so excited to announce that my 60SR show is relaunching today on YouTube (new episode above)! I recently signed a management deal with Big Frame, a company made of genius and awesome people who are just as excited about the show as I am. They are working with me to turn this show into something huge!

The 60SR is 60 seconds of Recaps, Reviews and Rants on entertainment, viral and popular world news, hosted by me. Be sure to watch the show every Tuesday and Friday on!

New Poster for Kaleb’s Nation!

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Here’s a new poster that the producers are printing for KALEB’S NATION. You know how much I love explosions 😉

Photos from Vidcon 2010!

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I just posted all my photos from Vidcon 2010 onto my Facebook page! The weekend was crazy amazing. I have video of it all but as it’s late and I’m very sleepy, I’ll edit it tomorrow.

My Vlog With John Green [Video]

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I was at the LA Times Festival Of Books today, and I finally met John Green! He’s from Vlogbrothers on Youtube and author of many books, including Looking For Alaska, one of my favorites.

I have more video coming, but since this is a two day event, I have to get more footage tomorrow before I can make the full video. It’ll be up on my channel at

How To Spot A Fake Twitter

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After a while of being part of the Twilight fandom with, I noticed a huge and enormously irritating trend of obsessive fans or attention-seeking creeps creating fake Twitter accounts for movie stars, and acting as if they are the celebrities themselves. To my greatest annoyance, these fakes gather lists of all-too-eager celebrity-chasers, sometimes 20-30,000 followers thinking they are following the real Robert Pattinson/ Taylor Lautner/ Miley Cyrus, etc.

rpattz-fakeThis morning, I was amused greatly when ‘Robert Pattinson’ sent an @ reply to my Twitter account saying “@KalebNation geez i talked to u on the phone =O” from an account called @BobbyMcMurphy (the Fake Rob was referencing my interview with the Real Rob). It struck me that this person had actually fooled 170 people into thinking he was the real thing — and even worse, was chastising other Robert Pattinson accounts which had already admitted to being fake! Not surprisingly, when I called the fake Rob out on my own Twitter, he suddenly stopped following me. Oh epic laughs.

Before I go on a rant on how crazy someone must be to actually follow a Robert Pattinson on Twitter who can hardly write a decent sentence, I must admit that I was once hoodwinked myself by a fake Stephenie Meyer account (then,, now suspended). This is in spite of me knowing Stephenie, Stephenie’s publishing people, and many of Stephenie’s fandom-gurus, none of whom had ever mentioned any ‘real’ Twitter even once. I thought I was poser-savvy: but I WAS STILL TRICKED. Also, just a few months ago, I myself, in all my unknown-ness, was plagued by a smart poser who went as KaiebNation (in Verdana font with a capital ‘i’, that looks exactly like KaIebNation). This fooled my friends and even my own brother (but look what happened to Fake-Kaleb). To save you from similar embarrassment, I’ve made this 10-item checklist of How To Spot A Fake Twitter:

1. If the account is a mixed up spelling of an actor’s name that appears to be the name but isn’t (for example, RobertPattinzon or DakotaF@nn1ng) it is almost certainly a fake (exception: Rachelle Lefevre’s account).

2. If the Twitter is not linked on the official website of the actor (or on a reliable entertainment website) it is probably fake. NOTE: There is a HUGE RING of FAKE Twitter accounts, that actually create fake Myspace pages just to link to the fake Twitters. Make sure it is the real website!

3. If the Twitter only links to press photos of themselves and never any personal photos, it is probably fake (unless they are very obsessed with seeing themselves Photoshopped).

4. If the Twitter discusses their personal relationships when said relationships are currently HUGE NEWS in entertainment (for example, if a Kristen Stewart account says ‘I am not dating Robert Pattinson‘). Stars usually are smart enough not to discuss this on a Twitter (this rule is not always reliable).

5. If the Twitter talks in Chatspeek or in some other broken form of English. This is especially true for British movie stars, who usually don’t write stupidly.

6. If the Twitter links to other accounts that are obviously fake (for example: on @BobbyMcmurphy, a fake Robert Pattinson account, the poser links to @kristensss, saying that Kristen Stewart told him it was her new one). Twitter-fakes will make a huge network of poser accounts and have them ‘talk’ to each other, to make them appear real.

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Robert Pattinson On My Cell Phone?

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Yesterday, I was able to talk to Robert Pattinson as a part of an interview conference call, and ask him one question. Rob plays the lead role of Edward Cullen in Twilight, the upcoming film based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer.

My question (and its follow-up) are in the video below or on my Youtube channel:

It is so funny, since months ago I didn’t know who this person was, and in fact announced my own (fake) part in the Twilight movie just days before he signed on (and months before I even started reading the books). Never thought I would actually get to talk to him on the phone one day.

Talk With Me on Washington Post

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Quick update! I have a talk scheduled with two other bloggers on the Washington Post website, on August 1 at 1:00 PM, US Eastern Time. I will be doing it live and also answering questions that are submitted early. The focus of the interview will be Twilight, the upcoming Twilight film, and my other blog,

You can find more info about it here or submit questions to me early at this link.

On other news, I will have my Famous Author Interview up here soon, possibly Friday (if I remember 😀 ).

Comments are disabled on this post: send questions on the Washington Post site. Hope to see you there!