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I’m In A National Taco Bell TV Commercial

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After days of painful waiting and secret-keeping… I can finally announce…

I’m in a national Taco Bell TV commercial!

Yes. It’s 100% true. I love Taco Bell so much I got a job eating Taco Bell on TV.

There are so many secrets surrounding this shoot that “I was cast in a national Taco Bell commercial!” is literally all I can say about it. But don’t worry. I have lots more as soon as the bosses say go.¬†The commercial was just filmed yesterday so it’ll show up sometime in the next few weeks!

Watch for me to pop up on your TV! This time… don’t skip any commercials ūüėČ

Getting Wisdomlicious On Dr. Drew On Call!

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Did you see me on TV two weeks ago?¬†I’m back!


Obviously I was the most poised and professional guest that Dr. Drew On Call has ever had, as seen in¬†some of the photos you tweeted¬†that feature my dazzling delivery of Wisdomlicious‚ĄĘ Wisdom Nuggets‚ĄĘ. Photos like this one:

Kaleb Nation On Dr. Drew On Call

Move over Robert Pattinson, there’s a new hearthrob in town.

Watch me on Dr. Drew On Call at 9PM ET on HLN, Wednesday February 12!

This time, I’m told I’ll be discussing topics a little more serious than Justin Bieber, so it should get VERY interesting.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen me talking about a new secret project that I call #NotABook because it is absolutely not a book. If you watch Dr. Drew On Call closely… you might see what my secret project is. 

Time for a contest?

Because so many of you took such¬†lovely¬†photos of me on your TV last time, let’s make this even more fun.¬†Just watch me on Dr. Drew On Call at 9PM ET, take photos of my weird faces, and¬†tweet them with the hashtag #KalebNationOnDrDrew. I‚Äôll contact a bunch of you¬†after the show and send you signed merch… and even a leftover Christmas Card!

Since the show is live, if you also tag @DrDrewHLN at the end of your tweets, you might be featured on the show!

See you on TV!

Kaleb Nation On Dr. Drew On Call

Highlights From Dr. Drew On Call!

1024 576 Kaleb Nation

I had such an awesome time at Dr. Drew On Call! Watch my latest video to see some highlights from the show.

Yes… I actually made The Face on national TV. I also made some OTHER faces like…




And who could forget…?


With that level of television heartthrob attractiveness, I bet I’ll be back on the show again soon. Make sure you’re on my secret email list¬†so you know when to watch!

On Stage At DigiFest LA (With Screaming)

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I filmed this video on stage at DigiFest LA last weekend.

Feels… GREAT.

MaximoTV was there too. They took this lovely video of us arriving on the red carpet. By “lovely” I am referring to all parts in this video except the parts where I make that-face-which-shall-never-be-made-again.

Thanks for the thumbnail, Maximo!!!

On stage, Taylor and I announced the return of Nation. Get ready for the show to be even bigger and better in 2014!


I’m In YouTube Rewind 2013. In A One Direction Shirt. With Harken.

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The title of this post says it all. Yes, that’s me in YouTube’s Rewind 2013 music video.

Adding up YouTube Rewind 2013, Rebecca Black’s Saturday, and The Today Show, I’ve made my weird face at over 33,000,000 people this week.

And on top of that, I was holding a gnome, my book Harken, and wearing a pink One Direction shirt.


It can’t get any more 2013 than that.

kaleb nation on the today show rebecca black saturday

Kaleb Nation On The Today Show

870 580 Kaleb Nation

Did you see me on The Today Show?!

kaleb nation on the today show rebecca black saturday

2 seconds of fame is the new 5 seconds of fame ūüėČ

That crazy face is from Rebecca Black’s new “Saturday” music video, which got over 4,000,000 views in a day. I’m the crazy eyes guy.

In Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” Music Video, I’m The Crazy Eye Guy

400 225 Kaleb Nation

I’m in Rebecca Black’s new “Saturday” music video.

Rebecca Black Saturday Music Video Gif with Kaleb Nation

I made crazy eyes.

Saturday is the sequel to the legendary Friday music video that got over 60,000,000+ YouTube views in 2011.

Be In A Rebecca Black Music Video can now be checked off my bucket list.

I don’t want this Saturday to end.












rebecca black at vidcon lol


Rebecca Black's Saturday Music Video - Kaleb Nation Scene




12/9 UPDATE: My face was on The Today Show.

[box type=”default” size=”medium” title=”Want My Secret Emails?” right_title=”SECRET EMAILS” right_description=”” url=”” style=”color green” ]PROMISE: NO SPAM. ONLY LAUGHS.¬†



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Writing In Seasons

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I was interviewed by Chris Trondsen at Erika Tascon’s Birthday Bash last month!¬†Watch it if you want to see me incredibly hyped up on too much caffeine and if you want to meet my new friend The Little Hair That Would Not Stay In Place

Among other things, I explain how I write in “seasons” around 2:56.¬†I point it out because¬†my seasonal writing goes against everything in those library books about how to “be a writer” —

“REAL writers write EVERY day and once they finish a book REAL authors IMMEDIATELY start writing on the NEXT one so they are ALWAYS writing like REAL writers…”from The Only Real Way To Be An Author by Huckster Notawriter

It makes sense in theory on paper (pun was required). If you work out every day, you’ll get stronger.¬†If you write every day, you’ll write better.¬†But they fail to mention that some writers aren’t the norm.

Most writers are rabbits.

They can¬†bounce from one project to the next, finishing a book in their children’s series then another in their adult series just in time to release a racy e-novella under their fourth pen name. They hop around¬†with their semi-robotic routines, their superhuman discipline, their ability to crank out thriller after thriller and never run out of steam or have the slightest dip in quality.

These writers annoy me. No amount of energy drinks can help me keep up with their spirit-crushingly spectacular pace.

Other writers are bears.

Sometimes plotting and writing and editing and polishing an entire novel is such a mental exercise that your muse simply needs to rest. For a LONG time.

My muse needs 6 months of hibernation for every 6 months of writing activity. Like clockwork, my mind switches to creative mode at 5PM PT, which is why you’ll often see me posting word count updates to Twitter at 3 in the morning.

If I push myself to write in the off-season or at different hours, everything comes out wrong and falls apart into a frustrating mess. My muse just isn’t awake.

I’ve learned to work with it.¬†Half of the year, I’m online: making videos, websites, shows, projects, everything from that side of my life. Then the writing seasons creeps up on me. Before I even realize what’s happening, I’m suddenly writing in a frenzy again.

Keep writing, but keep loving writing too.

I’ve learned to not be afraid of doing things my way. If you have school or a job or commitments and can only write on Wednesdays after 7PM, don’t feel like you’re any less of a writer than someone who never pries themselves from their pens-and-microwavable-food-covered desk.¬†If you scheduled writing time for every day at noon but find yourself uninterested and uninspired, relax. Do something else. Take notes for tomorrow so you feel better.¬†Writing doesn’t expire. Often letting an idea simmer for the night will deepen its flavor it the morning.

Now that I’ve finished this alarmingly lengthy blog post, I just realized something… I think writing season is about to start again.

How I Became A Billionaire (With My Billionaire Hogwarts Letter)

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It’s been three months since I posted a video update on my life! So much has happened over the past quarter-of-a-year that it’s impossible to fit it all into one vlog. It’s been very exciting and it’s all about to become even more of an adventure. I can’t wait to share all the big things that are happening in secret behind-the-scenes!

Meanwhile, if you want many-times-a-day updates on my life, you should follow me at I post there a LOT more than I post here. And for more of my videos be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

And for those who couldn’t catch all of the Instagram photo montage (my Instagram is kalebnation, by the way) here are all the photos from the video… and a few extras.

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See Me In The “Come With Us” Music Video By Lindsey Stirling!

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Just before Vidcon 2012 began, my friend DevinSuperTramp asked if I’d be in a new music video from Lindsey Stirling. Lindsey, for those unfamiliar with her amazing music, is a violinist and composer who was featured as a finalist on the 5th season of America’s Got Talent!

We had such a fun time shooting the video and I got to meet a lot of new Youtubers while I was there. I’ve always refused to dance on camera before… but I made an exception this one time. Hope you enjoy my robot-like moves (and my plaid)!