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How To Surprise A Girl With Taylor Swift Tickets

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I surprised my girl Taylor with Taylor Swift tickets. Her reaction was priceless. I surprised my girl bfftaylor with Taylor Swift tickets. Her reaction was priceless. Posted by Kaleb Nation on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Surprised my girl @bfftaylor with @taylorswift13 tickets. Girls love surprise Taylor Swift tickets. — Kaleb Nation (@KalebNation) August 26, 2015 OMG KALEB JUST SURPRISED ME WITH TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS FOR TONIGHT — bff Taylor Elizabeth (@bfftaylor) August 26, 2015 SHAKE IT OFF @taylorswift13 — Kaleb Nation (@KalebNation) August 26, 2015

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Kaleb Nation and bfftaylor on Good Morning America

Good Morning America!

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They bumped our mini-interview on Good Morning America a day earlier! That's me and bfftaylor on Good Morning America! Thanks YouTube for helping me meet the love of my life ūüôā Posted by Kaleb Nation on Monday, June 22, 2015 Thanks to TheWayWeMet for thinking of us for the show. And thanks YouTube for helping me meet the love of my life.

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The DigiProposal On Ryan Seacrest!

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Ryan Seacrest’s team filmed the entire Digifest event…¬†and captured the proposal! This is a video I’ll keep for the REST OF MY LIFE. Here’s the original article on Ryan’s¬†website. And you can watch my proposal video from the stage at

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Kaleb Nation proposes to Taylor on stage at Digifest NYC 2014

Surprise Digifest Proposal (In Front Of 12,000 People)

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I met Taylor at the YouTube convention Playlist Live. At Vidcon, she said “date me!” So at Digifest, on stage in front of 12,000 people, I said “marry me?” I filmed everything. Watch the surprise proposal: Both of us have been making YouTube videos for 7 years — Taylor at and me at When I started my channel, I had no idea that marrying a YouTuber was in my future. Thanks for changing our lives, YouTube. Thanks Nationeers for watching my videos and…

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Selfie The Puppy

950 950 Kaleb Nation | Official Website

Long story short, we got a puppy. Taylor let me name her. So of course I named our puppy SELFIE… because what else do you name a puppy that everyone will want to take selfies with? She already has her own Instagram account, a Twitter profile, and even a little website. But what else would you expect from a puppy who is ACTUALLY¬†NAMED Selfie?

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Most Bizarre Moments In My Life

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My life has had many bizarre moments. The past few months have seen some of the bizarre-est (sic). I talk about them all in my new vlog: Some of the things I’ve been up to lately include…. appearing in at least 3 music videos, which have been seen over 100,000,000 times (OH SNAP) being cast in a national Taco Bell TV commercial (100% TRUE) guest-hosting Dr. Drew On Call on HLN at least 4 times (You were watching, RIGHT?) adopting the most adorable puppy in…

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Merry Christmas From Kaleb, Taylor, And Chilla!

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Merry Christmas from Kaleb, Taylor & Chilla!  

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How To: Take Adorable Photos

1024 465 Kaleb Nation | Official Website

Last week, Taylor and I did a photo shoot with the amazing fashion photographer Jade Ehlers!

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Power Showers And The Creative Trance

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I just took my first shower in 4 days. It lasted almost two hours. I bathed, showered, washed my hair, scrubbed my skin, shaved, moisturized, deodorized, brushed my teeth, mouthwashed, brushed my teeth a second time, conditioned and fixed my hair, slipped into fresh clothes, and finished it all off with some sprays of cologne. Doubling up with a bath and shower took the longest.¬†I bathed before showering to loosen up days of filth. I call it a Power Shower. The “before” was atrocious.¬†Last night…

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Haunted Hollywood Hotel!

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I slept in a real HAUNTED Hollywood hotel and things got VERY weird…

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