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In celebration of seven years since 3/3/03, I’m very proud to finally show off the cover art for BRAN HAMBRIC: THE SPECTER KEY!

Most BranFans already know this, but I started writing the first book (Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse) late at night on March 3 of 2003. Every year I try to do something special to commemorate the day that in some ways started this entire journey!

The artwork is by the amazing Brandon Dorman, who also did the cover for my first book. As you will see when you finally get to read BH:TSK, the color green is very fitting for many, many reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰

Be sure to head over to for more details on the book. As always, you can follow me or @BranHambric on Twitter for the latest news. Happy Branniversary!

From my notebook, 3-3-03

The Cover for Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

150 150 Kaleb Nation


I am very pleased to present to you the cover for my debut novel BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE, due in stores on 9-9-09.

What can I say? I got my dream illustrator, my dream color design and my dream layout. Everything in this cover is exactly as I hoped it would be, straight from the imagination of our glorious artist Brandon Dorman, with a whole lot of hard work from my publishers and agent to get it perfect.

Check out the entirely new website at! Giving away of secrets: if you click on the tiny moon next to the links on the front page, there is a special section for Branfans ๐Ÿ˜€ . Here is a book trailer I worked on for while, which you might enjoy too:

It is quite hard to see the tiniest details of this cover when it is a small image on a website, so today (Saturday, April 18) I will be doing a LIVE BlogTV show on my channel. I don’t exactly know what time (I’ll post it on my Twitter when I do) but it is advisable to get there early. As my shows go, there can be anywhere from 300+ people crammed in, and while everyone can watch, only the first 150 can actually talk to me and ask questions. Hope to see you there!

First Art from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

150 150 Kaleb Nation

I am very pleased to present the first piece of completed artwork from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse:


Gnome by Brandon Dorman; the note courtesy of Photoshop ๐Ÿ˜€

As almost anyone can probably tell, this is a gnome. In fact, it is exactly the way I imagine the gnomes in my world, realized perfectly by illustrative genius Brandon Dorman. This gnome’s got the face, the beard, the eyes: even the perfectly pointed, red conical hat!

While this gnome will most likely not appear on the cover of the book (in fact, I’m fairly certain it won’t) it could be anywhere else, like on the back or the spine, or maybe even inside. Again, this is NOT THE COVER OF THE BOOK, but it’s a wonderful piece of spot art nonetheless!

And as for other big things happening…I think everyone might want to check out right about now ๐Ÿ˜€

Question for the comments: What do you think of the gnome art from Brandon Dorman?

Bran Hambric Art…Coming Soon

150 150 Kaleb Nation


Finally, the first piece of official art from Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse has come in from illustrative genius Brandon Dorman! This is NOT the cover, although that is coming very soon (I’ve already seen the drafts, and it is awesome!). But, as anyone who has read the preview chapters has probably already guessed, the Thing That Will Be Revealed On April 11 is quite important ๐Ÿ˜€

Brandon Dorman Will Illustrate The Farfield Curse

150 150 Kaleb Nation

Brandon Dorman, the award winning illustrator of SAVVY and FABLEHAVEN, has signed on to illustrate the upcoming novel BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE, by Kaleb Nation. Dorman’s cover art for SAVVY by Ingrid Law was chosen as the ” “favorite book jacketย of 2008” by Publisher’s Weekly. His previous works also include covers for the FARWORLD and GOOSEBUMPS series.

THE FARFIELD CURSE is the first in a new series of books by Kaleb Nation. In THE FARFIELD CURSE, a boy named Bran Hambric discovers he is at the center of a plot that started years before he was even born: the plot of a deadly curse his mother created that her former masters are now hunting for him to complete. The novel is set to release in stores Fall of 2009 from Sourcebook Jabberwocky.

Kaleb Nation began writing THE FARFIELD CURSE when he was fourteen years old. Now 20, he attends college in Texas and blogs regularly at THE FARFIELD CURSE is his debut novel.

More info on the illustrator can be found at More info on Bran Hambric can be found at


I can’t even begin to say how long I’ve waited to announce this!

Here is how it happened. A month or two ago, I emailed my editor the names of two illustrators I really liked, hoping that he would take a look and consider them doing the cover. He wrote back saying they were already far ahead of me, and were in talks with my top pick for the illustrator before he even got my message! So in the end, and through wonderful fate, my publishers signed on my dream illustrator without even knowing.

Readers of my blog might recall me listing some of my favorite covers months ago, and it turns out that Brandon did one of them:




His artwork is stunningly colorful, and I’m certain he will do a wonderful job for The Farfield Curse! This also means that Brandon will most likely do the entire series: just like Brett Helquist did all the Lemony Snicket books, and Mary GrandPre did all the Harry Potter’s, it looks as if Brandon will be the illustrator for Bran Hambric!

He has already finished the early draft sketches of the cover art, one of which will turn into the final cover for the book. I doubt it will be any longer than 3 months (and perhaps, drastically shorter) before the cover is finally ready!

Question for the comments: What do you think of Brandon Dorman’s art? Do you think he’ll do well for the Bran Hambric cover?