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List Of Teenage Authors: Writers Published As Teens

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It has become quite interesting discovering how many authors were first published as teenagers. This is certainly an encouragement, as for the longest I thought Paolini was the only teenage writer and author. I discovered that there are quite a few others who were published as teens, some of them below:

Kenneth Oppel

Christoper Paolini

Robyn Schneider

S.E. Hinton

Catherine Webb

Eze Imade Eribo

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Nancy Yi Fan

Flavia Bujor

Danielle Steel

S.E. Hinton’s first book was the Outsiders, the second biggest selling book for Young Adults in publishing history- over 8 million in print! Christopher Paolini’s first book was out when he was 19 and has sold over 9 million as well.

This is a growing list, so if you know any more email me and I’ll add them.

–Added November 14 2007 – Thanks Cat- I added Catherine Webb

–Added November 19 2007 – Thanks Mimi- I added Eze Eribo.

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