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Kaleb Nation and Bfftaylor on Dr. Drew On Call

DigiProposal On Dr. Drew On Call

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Taylor and I just did our first national TV show together! Watch it below or click here to see it on CNN. Post by Dr. Drew HLN. Of course our first interview was with HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call because they are my favorites and Dr. Drew is a boss. We talked about the Digifest proposal, what it was like going down on one knee in front of 12,000 people… and gave them an exclusive on the wedding date! Fun show with @drdrew!! @bfftaylor did great,…

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Most Bizarre Moments In My Life

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My life has had many bizarre moments. The past few months have seen some of the bizarre-est (sic). I talk about them all in my new vlog: Some of the things I’ve been up to lately include…. appearing in at least 3 music videos, which have been seen over 100,000,000 times (OH SNAP) being cast in a national Taco Bell TV commercial (100% TRUE) guest-hosting Dr. Drew On Call on HLN at least 4 times (You were watching, RIGHT?) adopting the most adorable puppy in…

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Getting Wisdomlicious On Dr. Drew On Call!

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Did you see me on TV two weeks ago? I’m back! Obviously I was the most poised and professional guest that Dr. Drew On Call has ever had, as seen in some of the photos you tweeted that feature my dazzling delivery of Wisdomlicious™ Wisdom Nuggets™. Photos like this one: Move over Robert Pattinson, there’s a new hearthrob in town. Watch me on Dr. Drew On Call at 9PM ET on HLN, Wednesday February 12! This time, I’m told I’ll be discussing topics a little more serious than Justin…

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Kaleb Nation On Dr. Drew On Call

Highlights From Dr. Drew On Call!

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I had such an awesome time at Dr. Drew On Call! Watch my latest video to see some highlights from the show. Yes… I actually made The Face on national TV. I also made some OTHER faces like… And… And who could forget…? With that level of television heartthrob attractiveness, I bet I’ll be back on the show again soon. Make sure you’re on my secret email list so you know when to watch! My new favorite selfie — Kaleb Nation (@KalebNation) January 31, 2014…

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Watch Me On Dr. Drew On Call!

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I have some BIG NEWS… I’ll be on your TV tonight! On Thursday, January 30, I’m a guest on Dr. Drew On Call, which is broadcast live on HLN at 9PM ET (6PM PT). Find out more here. Right now, HLN is airing a commercial that features me and some of my friends! Yes, I’ve been making that weird face on national TV all week… see it in my latest video: It’d be awesome if you could tweet about me being on the show tonight! Tweet…

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