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Vlogging And Driving: The Dangerous Youtuber Trend That’s Killing Teens

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Top Youtubers are following a dangerous trend that’s killing teens. Almost everyone does it — years ago, when I was a daily vlogger, I did it too. A lot of people wrongly believe this is safe. The only way your favorite vloggers will stop is if YOU keep telling them (and your friends) about the enormous risks. I joined Michaela on HLN to discuss how vloggers and influencers can help put an end to this deadly habit.

It only took me 10 minutes of browsing random daily vlogs – all posted this month with millions of views – to find four influencers doing the same thing that got these teens killed (sans the driver’s reported BAC). They probably have no idea that this is so dangerous because they’ve also seen many top vloggers doing it before them.

“We do it all the time – all the time. Trust me, it’s like a reflex. Like I haven’t crashed, you know?”

Sound familiar? Vloggers tend to make these same excuses when this topic is brought up. Those words are actually from Obdulia Sanchez on a phone call from jail, trying to explain why she live streamed the deaths of her two teenage passengers.

No Youtuber is at fault for what happened. People make their own choices. But teens see their favorite vloggers doing this every day without dying, so why should they worry? This way of thinking will keep leading to more deaths until top Youtubers step up and say it has to stop.

Your life is worth more than anything you’ll say into the camera while you’re on the road. Don’t take the risk. Vlog when you’re vlogging, drive when you’re driving.

Getting Wisdomlicious On Dr. Drew On Call!

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Did you see me on TV two weeks ago? I’m back!


Obviously I was the most poised and professional guest that Dr. Drew On Call has ever had, as seen in some of the photos you tweeted that feature my dazzling delivery of Wisdomlicious™ Wisdom Nuggets™. Photos like this one:

Kaleb Nation On Dr. Drew On Call

Move over Robert Pattinson, there’s a new hearthrob in town.

Watch me on Dr. Drew On Call at 9PM ET on HLN, Wednesday February 12!

This time, I’m told I’ll be discussing topics a little more serious than Justin Bieber, so it should get VERY interesting.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen me talking about a new secret project that I call #NotABook because it is absolutely not a book. If you watch Dr. Drew On Call closely… you might see what my secret project is. 

Time for a contest?

Because so many of you took such lovely photos of me on your TV last time, let’s make this even more fun. Just watch me on Dr. Drew On Call at 9PM ET, take photos of my weird faces, and tweet them with the hashtag #KalebNationOnDrDrew. I’ll contact a bunch of you after the show and send you signed merch… and even a leftover Christmas Card!

Since the show is live, if you also tag @DrDrewHLN at the end of your tweets, you might be featured on the show!

See you on TV!

Watch Me On Dr. Drew On Call!

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Kaleb Nation On Dr. Drew On Call

I have some BIG NEWS… I’ll be on your TV tonight!

On Thursday, January 30, I’m a guest on Dr. Drew On Call, which is broadcast live on HLN at 9PM ET (6PM PT). Find out more here.

Right now, HLN is airing a commercial that features me and some of my friends! Yes, I’ve been making that weird face on national TV all week… see it in my latest video:

It’d be awesome if you could tweet about me being on the show tonight! Tweet with the hashtag #KalebNationOnDrDrew… and tweet me a screenshot if we get it on Twitter’s Trending Topics!

I’ll be replying to your tweets all day. After the show, I’ll call one person on the phone who was tweeting #KalebNationOnDrDrew. Will that person be YOU?

See you on TV!