The HARKEN Midnight Release Party: You’re Invited!

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You’re invited to the HARKEN midnight release party! RSVP HERE.

With less than 9 days until HARKEN will be released, the wait is almost over. On Saturday 1/12/13 at 8PM PT, I will host a LIVE release party at, counting down to 9PM PT (midnight east coast USA).

At exactly midnight, HARKEN will be available on Kindle for only $2.99. Even if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read HARKEN using the free Kindle Reader.

This is the biggest live show I have ever done. 

There will be prizes, games, Q&A, and special surprises you will never see again. Be sure to RSVP here. One person who RSVP’s will win prizes during the show!

Lauren DeStefano, the New York Times bestselling author of WITHER, said HARKEN is “Whip-smart, charming, and irresistible.” Read her full review…

I recently answered your most-asked questions… Where can you buy HARKEN? Is HARKEN a series? Why is HARKEN on Kindle first? My answers are here…

Get ready. Don’t Trust Anyone.

Kaleb Nation


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