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How To Spot A Fake Twitter

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After a while of being part of the Twilight fandom with, I noticed a huge and enormously irritating trend of obsessive fans or attention-seeking creeps creating fake Twitter accounts for movie stars, and acting as if they are the celebrities themselves. To my greatest annoyance, these fakes gather lists of all-too-eager celebrity-chasers, sometimes 20-30,000 followers thinking they are following the real Robert Pattinson/ Taylor Lautner/ Miley Cyrus, etc.

rpattz-fakeThis morning, I was amused greatly when ‘Robert Pattinson’ sent an @ reply to my Twitter account saying “@KalebNation geez i talked to u on the phone =O” from an account called @BobbyMcMurphy (the Fake Rob was referencing my interview with the Real Rob). It struck me that this person had actually fooled 170 people into thinking he was the real thing — and even worse, was chastising other Robert Pattinson accounts which had already admitted to being fake! Not surprisingly, when I called the fake Rob out on my own Twitter, he suddenly stopped following me. Oh epic laughs.

Before I go on a rant on how crazy someone must be to actually follow a Robert Pattinson on Twitter who can hardly write a decent sentence, I must admit that I was once hoodwinked myself by a fake Stephenie Meyer account (then,, now suspended). This is in spite of me knowing Stephenie, Stephenie’s publishing people, and many of Stephenie’s fandom-gurus, none of whom had ever mentioned any ‘real’ Twitter even once. I thought I was poser-savvy: but I WAS STILL TRICKED. Also, just a few months ago, I myself, in all my unknown-ness, was plagued by a smart poser who went as KaiebNation (in Verdana font with a capital ‘i’, that looks exactly like KaIebNation). This fooled my friends and even my own brother (but look what happened to Fake-Kaleb). To save you from similar embarrassment, I’ve made this 10-item checklist of How To Spot A Fake Twitter:

1. If the account is a mixed up spelling of an actor’s name that appears to be the name but isn’t (for example, RobertPattinzon or DakotaF@nn1ng) it is almost certainly a fake (exception: Rachelle Lefevre’s account).

2. If the Twitter is not linked on the official website of the actor (or on a reliable entertainment website) it is probably fake. NOTE: There is a HUGE RING of FAKE Twitter accounts, that actually create fake Myspace pages just to link to the fake Twitters. Make sure it is the real website!

3. If the Twitter only links to press photos of themselves and never any personal photos, it is probably fake (unless they are very obsessed with seeing themselves Photoshopped).

4. If the Twitter discusses their personal relationships when said relationships are currently HUGE NEWS in entertainment (for example, if a Kristen Stewart account says ‘I am not dating Robert Pattinson‘). Stars usually are smart enough not to discuss this on a Twitter (this rule is not always reliable).

5. If the Twitter talks in Chatspeek or in some other broken form of English. This is especially true for British movie stars, who usually don’t write stupidly.

6. If the Twitter links to other accounts that are obviously fake (for example: on @BobbyMcmurphy, a fake Robert Pattinson account, the poser links to @kristensss, saying that Kristen Stewart told him it was her new one). Twitter-fakes will make a huge network of poser accounts and have them ‘talk’ to each other, to make them appear real.

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My Addiction Has Taken Over MY LIFE

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Yes, I am taking trapeze lessons next month, with world-famous celebrity superstar YA author MAUREEN JOHNSON. Wish me luck (and plenty of ropes, nets, supports and cushions).

A Bran Hambric Soundtrack?

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Yesterday, I was cleaning up my computer and found an old song concept from months ago that I never finished. I had been having loads of trouble with a piano line in the song and had finally just given up. When I found it again, I realized the problem with the piano was that the piano just didn’t belong — I took it out, and suddenly the song came together.

A few hours of not-studying-psychology later, I might actually have another song to add to the Bran Hambric soundtrack (I promise I’ll release Astara soon, I’m almost done mastering it). If I decide it’s worth finishing, I’m thinking this new one will be for Shambles (he’s in the preview chapters if you’ve read them). Here’s a clip from the middle:


For this one I’m going for a very emotional, brooding sound that’s different from the rest of the soundtrack: this overall feeling of a mentally alone and tortured creature who can’t escape the voices that haunt him from within.

Speaking of the soundtrack, I’ve noticed that there are quite a number of people who want a Bran Hambric soundtrack on CD. A day ago, I posted on Twitter that I was considering it, and within 5 minutes I was inundated with replies from all over the world wanting to get it somehow. (In the midst of showing a spoof of the CD art, I might have inadvertently leaked what we might be using as the Bran Hambric logo…see what unexpected insider information you get from following my Twitter?).

My original idea for the soundtrack was to give the songs away with the book somehow, but it appears that at least with the first edition of THE FARFIELD CURSE, there will be no CD attached. Sometimes, for books that sell particularly well, there will be deluxe editions with extra material, which is the most likely point when a CD would actually come with the book; but as of now, the only way I will be able to get CD’s to the people who want them is to sell it really cheap from a Print On Demand service (most likely Nothing is set in stone, but my thoughts on this plan are:

–  A CD of the soundtrack with 9-10 songs available from for really cheap ($8 or $9),
–  Half of the soundtrack available for free download, as before with Youtube,
–  A code inside THE FARFIELD CURSE book that unlocks bonus songs and downloads that aren’t on the soundtrack.

Since Twitter isn’t really a good place to see a show of hands on who likes the idea and who doesn’t, please do comment on this below. Your feedback on this will really be the deciding factor on if a Bran Hambric CD actually does come into being, because at the moment I’m indecisive.

By the way, I’m testing out a new and improved commenting system on my blog. Now, you can reply directly to others comments, and see my replies to you all in one place! Hopefully you all enjoy it 😀