Harken (The Harken Series #1)

Harken-Book-Cover“Whip-smart, charming, and irresistible…”

– Lauren DeStefano, NYT Bestselling author of WITHER.

Michael Asher is a prodigy for hire, born with the unexplainable ability to read someone’s thoughts through their eyes. Truth-seekers venture from all over the world to his small California hometown, desperate to know the truth about spouses and business partners, willing to pay the highest price for his gift.

But the same whispers that made Michael an underground celebrity reach someone who has been hunting for him. What should have been just another work night sends Michael running for his life from a madman assassin—a killer who isn’t human.

Following clues left by his attacker, Michael uncovers an organization whose orders are obeyed by the world’s most powerful leaders. Anyone asking the wrong questions has already been silenced. But Michael thinks there’s another who survived, a name his assassin kept: Callista. She might have the answers… or she might already be dead. Michael must find the truth before the hunters find him first.


“This book caught me by the back of my neck and flung me into the sky.”

Elizabeth Vallish, elizziebooks.com

“[Harken] kept me up some nights because I simply couldn’t put the book down.”


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